Untame the Truest, Most Beautiful Version Of You And Your Life.

Unstuck yourself, Untame your inner goddess & Unleash your radical greatness. Finally. Time to:
Fuck the Struggle!

It’s show time, baby. I’m in.

My soul and your soul have a ‘soul contract’.

You’re here because I’m meant to remind you of your greatness. Your power. Your strength. That it’s time for you to grow. To truly live. Enough with waiting for ‘your turn’ in life. Your time is now, sister!

Sold! LFG, I'm In!

Hi, my Love, I’m Aggie and I’m the creator of Higher Self Academy.

HSA is a container for women who want a full ‘hell yes, no less’ life that combines both spiritual wisdom and business coaching. (Think: you prioritize zen but would f*ck with living in a beautiful mansion with a pool 😉)

The Higher Self Academy was designed to uncover the highest, most beautiful version of you and your life from underneath the self-imposed guilt, self-sabotage, expectation of others and endless responsibilities that’s keeping you stressed, overwhelmed and confused about what you really want in life. We’re here to close the gap between where you are right now and where you know you deserve to be.

Growth and breaking free from a scarcity mindset can get lonely.

I'm on a mission..

to build an online container for all badass women who are done living small, are committed AF to their growth and their Higher Selves and are ready to call in all that delicious abundance into their life, but they just don’t want to do it alone (and now they don’t have to!).


Fuck The Struggle

Fuck the Struggle (previously called: Live Your Vision Board Life) is the first of our immersive transformational experiences where I combine top business coaching tools from the gurus like Jay Shetty and Tony Robbins whom I learned from with spiritual wisdom from the plant medicine I sat with.

You’ve probably never invested in yourself, and committing to Live Your Vision Board Life can spark some feelings of guilt, fear and doubt.

‘What if I’m not the kind of person that is worthy of all that wealth. All that love. All that space in this world. That’s not really me’, you say.

And I say: f*ck the guilt.
The overthinking.
The shrinking.
The scarcity mindset.
It’s your turn, sister!
We’re here to play big.

It’s show time, baby. I’m in.

If right now you…

❌ Crave razor-sharp clarity on ‘what’s next’ in your life. 🪒 🤷🏼🤔

❌ Find yourself spending hours on social media instead of building your empire.📱🏰

❌ Aren’t fully inspired by your closest circle of friends. 👭🤕🥱

❌ Are exhausted from being in your own head. 🤯🤦😰

❌ Looking at your bank account makes your palms sweat. 😥😫🏦

❌ Lack confidence and motivation to start acting on your goals. 🫥🦸💪🏼

❌ Are done living small but don’t know where to start. 🤔

❌ Are ready for life to finally start flowing and to stop feeling like a constant game of catch-up. 🏃🥵

❌ Miss feeling feminine and ‘light’. 💃🕊

❌ Can’t (yet) see your own greatness, beauty and power. 👀🧏🏻🤷🏼

❌ Feel like you need a mindset upgrade. 🧠🙌🏼📈

❌ A weekend trip to Paris with the love of your life sounds like some far-fetched fantasy – not a plan for next month. ✈️🌎🇫🇷📅

❌ Get jealous and resentful when seeing someone ‘having it easy’ while you have to work hard on everything you accomplish (and then you hate yourself for it)... 👿🧟🤬

After the Course, You Will…

✅ Not remember what procrastination and self-sabotage even means. 🥱🤔🤷🏼

✅ Become a ninja at self-discipline and manifesting.🥷🪬💫

✅ Ooze irresistible self-confidence and charisma that will light up every room. 🫵🏼🧚✨💡

✅ Step into your true power and start acting like the divine queen you are! 👸🏼👸🏾

✅ Finally have razor-sharp clarity about what the heck it is that you *really* want and stop overthinking everything. 👌🏼🤘🏼🤌🏼🤔

✅ Get rid of the guilt around success and money that’s been stopping you from becoming abundant as f*ck. ✌🏼🙅🏼

✅ Become the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be. 🧚🦄🧝🏽🧜🏼

✅ Finally comprehend that achieving your goals isn’t selfish. It’s the most selfless thing you can do for your family, friends and the world. 👨👩👧👦🧘🏼

✅ Start attracting and stop chasing. 🤸🧘🏼💫

✅ Feel expansive. Real expansive. Ahhh. 🦋🕊🧚

✅ Understand why money has always been a ‘thing’ in your life and how to enter the new you. The you who is never stressed about paying bills, driving her dream car or owning her dream home – with enough savings for years to come. 🏎🏡🤰

✅ Say ‘adios’ to limiting beliefs. Byeee! ✌🏼🙅🏼

✅ Turn your vision board into your future-self photo album, not an art project. 👩🏻🏄👰💼

✅ Become a vibrational match to all your wildest dreams.  🪬💫🔮🧘🏼

✅ Spend less time in your head and more time ‘in the flow’, just being your True self. 🧚🧘🏼👸🏻🦄🦸

✅ Understand the dynamics of romantic relationships and use it to attract the dream love into your life.  👩❤️👨

Yes, I’m ready to see my own greatness!

Here’s Everything You Get inside Live Your Vision Board Life…


Live your vision board life is a 6 module video course and a hand crafted container for women LIKE YOU, who are ready to unleash the lioness and queen energy that lies inside of them. You have the opportunity to learn first hand some of the biggest financial, spiritual, and business lessons out there.


Each video has English subtitles and transcripts to make sure you understand everything that’s being discussed. Every lesson will have a written guide to go along with it so you can learn on the go or without video. Additional homework will help you go even deeper into the experience.


Small Exclusive Group to have even more access to me and our house coach to ask questions and to connect – I’ll respond directly! Bi-weekly group Zoom calls where you receive coaching and support from me!

See What’s Inside Each Module…

Module 1: Get to Know Yourself

E0 - Introduction to the module

E1 - Self-Awareness 101: How to know what on earth you want in life?

E2 - Who on earth are you: Proven ways to Connect with yourself.

E3 - How not to be a victim of your circumstances: stop bad luck happening to you.

E4 - Enough with the blame game: extreme ownership.

E5 - How do other people see you: what’s your blind spot and and what to do about it?

E6 - Personal SWOT analysis: the good, the bad and the opportunities for growth.

Module 2: Creating A Radically Fulfilling Life

E1 - Your Life Audit: What area of your life needs attention.

E2 - Health 101: The Principles of Fit & Healthy You.

E3 - Romantic Relationships 101: Why it hasn’t worked out so far. [Part 1 & 2]

E4 - Family & friends 101: how to curate meaningful friendships.

E5 - Money 101: scarcity mindset, absolute abundance and everything in between.

E6 - Career 101: how to find your purpose & career path and how to pivot when it’s wrong.

E7 - Self-fulfillment and play 101: you’re a human being not a human doing. [Part 1 & 2]

E8 - Goal-setting: How to set goals you will definitely achieve.

Module 3: Make Sh*t Happen - The Analytical Way

E1 - Intro: you can’t think your way to change: you need to feel it

E2 - Self-sabotage: what is it, where it comes from and how to conquer it.

E3 - The Art of Discipline: pain-free discipline techniques that work! [Part 1 & 2]

E4 - How to Stop Procrastinating: how not to get distracted from what really matters.

E5 - Become the Most Confident Person in the room: how to finally see your own greatness.

E6 - How to build the habits of a true Queen: and get rid of the ones that aren’t serving you.

Module 4: Make Sh*t Happen – The Spiritual Way

E1 - Intro: no mistakes, just lessons. Like a computer game: the sooner you learn the better.

E2 - Manifesting 101: Get the Universe to work for you.

E3 - Levels of Consciousness: Become the vibrational match to your wildest dreams.

E4 - Your Higher self vs. your perfect self: What Queen energy really means.

E5 - Radical self-forgiveness and self-acceptance: the key to inner peace.

E6 - Love your Shadow, don’t run from it.

E7 - Last but not least: don’t take yourself too seriously!

Module 5: Build Your Vision Board

E1 - Turn your vision into reality: why even bother with building a Vision board.
E2 - The How
E3 - You’re done! Actually, not really…

Module 6: Bonuses

Hypnotherapy: Faye

I’m ready to invest in my Higher Self!

You Are Here.
So let’s not lose this momentum.

✅ Become a ninja at life. 🥷🦸

✅ UnStuck Yourself. 🕊🦄

✅ Figure out what’s next for you. 🏰🧝🏽🤰👰

✅ Become a goal getter. 💫🥇

✅ Drop the guilt around getting rich and successful. 🦹🧞

✅ Become the partner you’re looking for (and then attract the love you deserve.) 👸🏻🤴🏻

✅ Stop worrying about being ‘selfish’ - fill your cup first so you can overflow to others. 💧🫙

✅ Become a vibrational match to your wildest dreams: house, car, traveling, family - you pick! 🔮🪬📿

✅ Live the life your Higher Self would be proud of. 🧘🏼😍

✅ Get a mindset makeover. 🧠

Yes, I’m ready to see my own greatness


One Time Payment


DEAL $444

● All the tools you need to turn your vision into a reality

● Self-elevation resources, tools, and templates

● Habit creation worksheets

● Book recommendations

The number 444 is an assurance that one is on the right path in life. It helps clear doubts and encourages perseverance with the current approach or plan. The number 4 pertains to wealth, and when repeated thrice, it is a strong signal of an upturn in financial fortunes, according to Royal Numerology.

Your first month free!


bUY the COURSE $444


Monthly Membership

Your First Month Free!

● Online home for all badass women who are done living small and are committed AF to their growth and their Higher Selves.

● Bi-weekly group live Zoom calls with me, where you can personally ask me any questions you might have.

● Exclusive tools for modern-day queens who are ready to call in all that delicious abundance into their life and don’t want to do it alone (and now they don’t have to!).

● Self-elevation resources, tools, and templates

● Habit-creation worksheets

● Book recommendations

● Extra support each week

● Quick response to all questions

111 is a sign that means one chapter of your life is ending, and you are ready for something brand new. It’s an active number that represents growth, and the Universe is calling for you to blow some new energy into your life. It’s time to be brave to embrace something new and better and manifest your desires. 

She’s a Vision. She’s an Empire. She’s a 1 of 1.

(only available to explore for Vision Board graduates)

✅ Invitation only 12 weeks of the most immersive transition into your Higher Self you where you and Aggie go deep into your limitations, your journey and your future you. No distractions. No middle man. Just you and Aggie.

✅ Exclusive retreat to Bali in March 2023: travel the world with Aggie, chase waterfalls, get private Tantra training, shamanic healing, learn intuitive cooking and connect with your inner goddess.

✅ Direct messaging, access & support from Aggie throughout the duration.
Access to all Aggie’s products.

I’m in. Let’s f*cking gooooooooo


Jen Young

I feel like I gained so much knowledge and so many great tools, and book recommendations that I can’t wait to keep pushing forward! Sometimes I struggle with the thought that “I know I want more and want to achieve more, but how do I do that? What exactly do I want to achieve?” And now after having to go through the course I see that I don’t necessarily need to know all the answers ahead of time but instead I can set an intention and just keep moving forward.


This course inspired me. I finally found my purpose. I started doing what I was always postponing and was afraid to do, but I did it. Extremely grateful to you Aggie!


I followed Aggie for travel but when she started talking about codependency and victim mentality, it just clicked with me. I started implementing it into my life, and now I have a beautiful loving partner and my career is thriving. I love you Aggie!


I am very happy with the course! I've stepped into self-development with both feet, ordered a ton of books, and am really excited to take ownership, create a side business, choose my relationships more wisely, and have that wheel as a guide. You gave us a lot of tools to use and really boosted the right attitude - OWN it! Thank you so much Aggie, I honestly think this made me a more reflective and self-conscious person with a better perspective in life! Lots of love <3


The challenge opened new pathways in my life. I am practicing habit stacking and did my first breathwork session today. I feel like I am being reborn. I can feel myself changing, and evolving. I started looking within myself, to understand myself better and to find new ways to serve the world around me. This course made me see there are so many people in this world who are trying to improve themselves and it is so reassuring. I loved this course!


I learned so many lessons that can help me for the rest of my life! I cannot recommend the course enough. The course was easy to digest, very understandable, empowering, friendly, fun, and has an awesome community of people who want to improve just like you. Aggie was amazing to reply to our comments daily to empower us and to ensure that we kept the momentum. She is very committed to what she does and you can see it right away. I will never forget this course for its uniqueness and how well it was crafted: with care and passion. Thank you so much!


Aggie this might have been the most important email to date for me. Confidence - I have a very rocky relationship with, some days i believe 100% in myself and my dreams, the next its all crushing down cause I listen to others or my own mind full of what ifs. I was never able to balance it out. ,,Your dream is worth too much to throw it away" - I might write it on the wall as an every day reminder. So inspiring. 💜 🦋

What happens next?

If it’s important, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

We’re only looking for badass women who are dang ready.
Ready to make the big change.
Ready to stop blaming others for where they are in life.
Ready to step into their radical greatness.
Ready to untame your inner goddess.

Sure, life gets busy. But if you aren’t 100% committed to get rid of your limiting beliefs, living small or breaking free from victim consciousness, then Live Your Vision Life Board just isn’t for you right now.

If it’s not a full F*CK YESSS, then it’s a f*ck no. We still love you ;-)

Just like in life, the energy you put in is the energy you get. By joining LYVLB you understand that you are committing to a whole new level of excellence in your life. No more blaming others, your upbringing, environment, money, neighbour or weather for not living your vision board life.

It’s show time, baby and you’re the director.

It’s show time, baby. I’m in.

Listen, my life hasn’t been perfect.

I’m growing up in post-communist Poland in a tiny 100-square-foot apartment where my sister and I share a tiny room. I listen to Spice Girls (girl power!) and my parents who lovingly want to prevent me from ‘getting disappointed’ in life. They tell me, “Don’t aim too high, get a ‘real’ job, and follow the crowd.” I already feel like I don't belong, and my life hasn’t even properly started.

I spend a whole summer working three jobs to save enough money to buy a ticket to Australia so I can study English. I leave 2 very disappointed Polish parents behind. (Being okay with ‘disappointing’ people is crucial for growth, as I learned later in life!) Two weeks into the trip, I barely survive a freak car accident, which leaves me disabled for months in a foreign country without a job.

I spend a year sailing across the Pacific with no phone or laptop, just me and my then-partner. It’s the first time in my life I understand what it means to connect with myself and immediately see how much of myself I lost in the relationship that I was sure I would stay in forever.

After my partner tears apart my passport and tells me I can never leave him, I find a way out of the country with $480 in my pocket (always have a secret stash, ladies!). I buy a one-way ticket to LA and stay on my friend Sandy’s couch for 6 months feeling super sorry for myself, fighting insomnia, smoking weed and going to a local Fresh&Easy after 8p because the produce that’s about to go bad goes on 50% sale.

My American love Michael and I get married so we can stay together and I convince him to travel the world with me. He only left the US twice in his life and doesn’t like traveling or taking photos. I beg him to try. I can’t imagine doing anything else in life. He agrees. Travel in Her Shoes is started.

My Instagram is booming. I go from 280k followers to 900k in 8 months. I make $1 million in first 6 months of selling my photo presets. I buy my parents an apartment. I donate a big chunk of the money to charity. I'm the perfect Aggie. Life is good.

Michael and I decide to get divorced. I pack all my stuff into storage but we fight about money, dogs, house, and cars. I’m devastated and in so much shame about not being so perfect anymore. I self-sabotage everything. It seems like the entire world hates me. Friends unfollow me. And all I really want to do is no longer exist. What I don’t see is that the Universe is serving me the best medicine I could ask for.

I fight deep depression. Suicidal thoughts are real. I’ve spent the last six years sacrificing so much for what I thought would bring me joy: Instagram following, big money, traveling and yet, I feel beyond empty. (That’s what happens when you give away your power and derive your self-worth from external validation.)I suffer from hair loss and put on a lot of weight. I lose most of my money, and go from one toxic relationship to another. Panic attacks are the new norm. A true rock bottom.

I reconnect with that quiet voice in my head I’ve been ignoring and pull myself back together. I do a TEDtalk. I Publish my book. (Wait, me? A book in English? I barely spoke the language not too long ago?!) Instatravel is sold in every bookstore in New York, including every Target and Costco.I interview a lot of smart people for my podcast.Fall in love. Life isn’t perfect but is starting to *feel* good not only seem good.

My first experiences with plant medicine ceremonies rewire my sense of service and purpose. Jay Shetty reaches out and offers me his coaching course as a gift. I make my lifelong dream happen and get to dance on Dancing with the Stars.

I understand that the goal in life is make the most out of both worlds: the spiritual and the ‘psychical’ one. Today, I wanna see other women step into their power because I realize the more women do, the more sisters I have to share this adventure called life with.

The Sister You’ve Been Looking for.

I know nothing about what it’s like to be you! This Aggie from Instagram jetting around the world and jumping out of planes knows nothing about what it’s like to (have a baby, get fired, struggle with money, hate your job),

You’re right. I don’t. To be honest, even if I did have a similar experience, I will never fully understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. What worked for me might not be best for you at this point in your life.

I don't have to go through what you’re going through to be your coach. The point of coaching is NOT me giving you advice.

I'm here to ask you the right questions and help you see the answers already within you. (The one who holds the problem always holds the answer.)

I'm here to hold you accountable when you’re having a bad day or don’t feel supported by your partner or family.

I'm here to remind you of your greatness & not let you dwell on your weakness.

I'm here to be your mirror. What resonates with you  about me – you already have within you, waiting to be uncovered.

I'm here, because I’m on my own journey as well. Not above you. Not below you. An equal.

The only difference is I have the  tools to help you and have learned from the best coaches in the world.

Okay, screw the overthinking. I’m in!


What is Higher Self Academy?

Higher Self Academy was created by Aggie Lal with the intention of supporting women across the globe to live their vision board life. Through her own life experiences and countless mentorship from the likes of Tony Robbins and Jay Shetty, Aggie is transforming women across the world into their highest selves.

What Is Fuck the Struggle / Live Your Vision Board Life? 

LYVBL is a course created around radically shifting your life in a way that supports you in bringing your wildest dreams to life. By taking a deep look within and going through a self-awareness journey, you will quickly discover the queen you’ve always been. With 6 modules perfectly packed with videos created by Aggie, you will be guided through shifting your life in the best way possible.

What is Queen’s Circle?

Queen’s Circle was created for those who want to be a part of a special container led by Aggie. It’s a chance to virtually sit across from Aggie as she supports you on your journey throughout this course. With two group calls per month, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Aggie your questions and receive feedback, and guidance on whatever it is you are working to create in your life. You will have a dedicated community to immerse yourself into with other like-minded women on a similar journey as you. If just watching the course isn’t enough for you and you want to have a support group, Aggie’s attention, and the benefit of being around a powerful community then the Queen’s Circle is for you.

What is the difference between the Queen’s Circle & the course?

LYVBL is a stand-alone course that can be watched at any time and by whatever pace you choose. Queen’s Circle gives you access to two calls a month with Aggie and the Queen's Circle Community (Formally known as VIP).

How Much Is It To Join?

$555 and you get a month free inside Queens Circle. After that, if you want to continue to stay inside the Queens Circle then it will be $47/month. If you decide to not continue after your free trial, you will still have access to the course.

What will I learn?

Module 1: Get to Know Yourself
Module 2: Creating A Radically Fulfilling Life
Module 3: Make Sh*t Happen - The Analytical Way
Module 4: Make Sh*t Happen – The Spiritual Way
Module 5: Build Your Vision Board
Module 6: Bonuses

Who is this course for?

This course is for women who know they want to be living their vision board life! It’s for ambitious, nonsettling, ahead-of-the-curve-driven women who are ready to take their life to a whole new level!

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds: The moment you invest into yourself and join Higher Self academy we will no longer allow you to settle for any limitations in your life. We will call you forth into your power and ownership over your life. This course was designed to amplify your life in a multitude of ways and give you a home online where powerful women support one another. Now, if you have went through the course, completed the modules, and joined the calls and have still found no value in this course we will give you a refund no questions asked.

What we won't do:

• Give you a refund because you changed your mind.

• Give you a refund because ‘life got super busy’ (in other words: you don’t prioritize the course).

• Give you a refund because you never got around to watch the course.

It's time to radically shift your life and step into greatness. When you enroll, you will be held to a new standard of being. If you’re not OK with that, then please don’t purchase from us.

I am legally required to stipulate that I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The success stories on this page may not be typical for everyone.

I’m ready to invest in my Higher Self!